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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 27th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The negative alignment of the Sun and Moon in your sky is an indication that your relationship is about to get complicated. The planetary square is making you tense and your moods will be up and down like a yo-yo all day long. You are advised to keep the conversation neutral at home and steer clear of any thorny issues. It's for the best!


    If your crush suggests a hot date for this evening then you would be better of putting it on hold until tomorrow. You're not in the best frame of mind today and the romance could be over before you know it if you agree to meet up this evening. Your social skills are nowhere to be seen so make your excuses today and rest assured that everything will fall into place tomorrow.

    Sexy tip

    You're no doubt slightly afraid of passion, but more than ready to give it a try. You might not want more than a quick and gentle cuddle today...


    The week will get off to a very bad start in the office today. You're highly strung and could end up coming to blows with your colleagues or clients. Your impatient nature is counterproductive and you'll only end up shooting yourself in the foot if you cut corners.

    Your finances

    The negative effects of Mercury in your sky are taking their toll on your finances. To make matters worse, Jupiter is causing you to act irrationally and throw caution to the wind. These are beginner's errors and you really should have learnt your lesson by now. Oh dear...

    Your lucky number




    Meeting up with your pals is the last thing you feel like doing today. Phone calls and text messages will be quite sufficient thank you very much!


    Your nerves are shot to ribbons at the moment and your family life is feeling the strain. You'd be better off keeping to your own devices today.

    Your saying

    « Friendship asks for nothing but a bit of attention in return » Georges Brassens


    You're running on empty and your nerves are shot to ribbons today. You can't wait to crawl back into bed this evening.

    Your color

    Bismarck red-brown will warm up your smile. What a classy color!

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