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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 24th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've grown up a lot since you got with your partner. He or she loves how sensible and level-headed a lover you are. You will, to top it all off, be a lot cuddlier and more affectionate than usual today, which isn't something your other half will complain about... Tonight is the perfect night to give new experiences a try in the bedroom!


    Your wonderful personality helps you attract plenty of attention. You're likely to get closer to someone you really like. Incredibly charming and charismatic, people will literally be queuing up to hit on you today! Don't be surprised if someone you barely know tells you that they're crazily in love with you... That's the kind of effect you have on others!

    Sexy tip

    Reassess your sexual desires and preferences and talk to your partner about them. Knowing how to give is as important as knowing how to receive.


    You're a talented worker. The planets support your initiatives, but don't let success go to your head! Nobody likes a show off. Keep a low profile and stay humble no matter what. An opportunity is there to be seized.

    Your finances

    Keep a close eye on your bank balance. Monitor your incomings and outgoing very carefully! Unexpected issues could (temporarily) stop you from sealing an interesting deal. You know what they say, money attracts money my Gemini friend...

    Your lucky number




    You try to talk a friend out of doing something incredibly stupid and short-sighted. Your opinion matters to them... They listen to what you say very carefully.


    You really don't like the tone your children talk to you in. Set the record straight before they start taking even more liberties!

    Your saying

    « Falling is allowed, getting up is required » Russian saying


    You're slowly but surely starting to feel better about life in general. You're so relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Your color

    In the evening, don't hesitate to put bright red make up on your cheeks. So cute!

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