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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 3rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is going through a little rough patch, and you've no idea how to solve the problems currently affecting your sentimental life. You feel so hopeless right now, my Gemini friend! Your partner is refusing to talk to you? Find another way to get their attention. Why don't you dress sexy tonight? That should do the trick!


    You really like your latest crush, but you don't know how to show it to them! The fact that he or she probably doesn't even know your name makes you so sad... You have two options right now: stay away from that person, or ask them out and risk being rejected. The one sure thing is that you cannot carry on like this for much longer!

    Sexy tip

    Brush his body, pace yourself, gently kiss each other... Be patient! Turn him on with your body language, whisper sexy words into his ear...


    You're desperate for a break, but you've yet another busy day ahead in the workplace. You've fallen slightly behind your colleagues and you really cannot afford to take any time off right now. You cannot stop dreaming about your next vacation!

    Your finances

    A birthday or anniversary? You're looking for the perfect gift! But you're on a budget... You'd love to buy something extravagant, but you can't afford it right now. You should manage to come up with an inexpensive and incredibly thoughtful idea!

    Your lucky number




    You always want to outshine your friends! But be careful, as some of the people who mean the world to you could soon refuse to spend any time in your company...


    If your children are teenagers, you could spend most of the day arguing with them. You tend to raise your voice whenever people disagree with you...

    Your saying

    « When compared to true happiness, wealth is worth almost nothing » Sophocles


    You really don't have the time to feel tired! The more you do, the better you feel my Gemini friend... You're such an active person!

    Your color

    Give yourself a mysterious look with blueish luminous black eyeshadow.

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