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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- May 17th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Scattered exchanges with your partner. You may tire him/her out intellectually. It'll be good to take a break. Offer yourself a glamorous evening! Affection is present in your couple. You hope to spend a romantic evening. It's your move to make this a success! Show your love! It'll make your partner feel secure.


    You don't really feel like ending your celibacy. You feel like fluttering around more. The day allows you to see people. Your seduction potential is tested! A seduction game may be on the agenda. You seduce even if you don't want to. A fling may begin this evening. It helps you get rid of negative thoughts.

    Sexy tip

    Challenge your partner to a game. The loser won't necessarily be disappointed... Grab the opportunity to share your ideas with your partner before putting them into practice.


    A seminar on the agenda! This gathers around a lot of people. New comers come along. You establish ties quickly! You may be asked to speak. You do so with pleasure! You're at ease being the leader.

    Your finances

    You may live a little over your affording capacity! You want the best! You like gizmos. You go on a shopping spree. The end of the day is going to cost you! You're not worried at all! You earn a lot of money.

    Your lucky number




    There is inequality in your ties. A friend is more intrusive than others. Tell this person how you treat friendship, but gently.


    Your opinions won't please your entire family. Stick to your viewpoints. You're criticized easily. People may get offended!

    Your saying

    « One can slice a rock open, but one cannot always warm a cold heart up » Indian saying


    You're not able to relax in the evening! You're not able to unwind! Favor silence before sleeping!

    Your color

    Scarlet red make up will make your cheeks look fresh like the morning dew!

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