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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- April 9th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner is sick of hearing you moan! You're not complaining about them, but still... You're not very nice to be around at the minute! But you could accuse your significant other of being sulky instead of admitting that you haven't been much fun lately. You can be angry with how the world is run, but not all the time... Your lover has stopped listening to you!


    You don't need to be a psychic to know that you and your latest crush are never going to settle down in a serious relationship together! You really like each other, but you haven't got much in common... You've already, subconsciously maybe, decided that he or she was never going to be more than a friend with benefits... Sad, but that's life!

    Sexy tip

    Tie his hands with your silk stockings and turn him into your slave... Sex toys can be fun, too. Use them together!


    It's time to step up a gear or two in the workplace. Saturn in Aquarius will give you the opportunity to take successful initiatives and move closer to your objectives. You could be given the chance to explore new professional horizons today!

    Your finances

    You're not in a position to turn down overtime! Of course, working longer hours than usual isn't much fun... But think about your next paycheck! Roll your sleeves up, keep your head down and focus on moving your financial situation forward. You'll feel much better for it in no time!

    Your lucky number




    You're chatty one minute and introverted the next. People don't know what to expect from you! Your friends have no idea what's going through your mind...


    Stop asking your loved ones so many questions! Their private lives have nothing to do with you. Being too nosey could cause you to fall out with a relative.

    Your saying

    « One who beats oneself has the power » Lao Tseu


    You've too many things on your mind to fall asleep at night. Give meditation a try in order to empty your mind before bedtime!

    Your color

    Never out of fashion, ivory is a sweet and girly color.

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