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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 31st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You like doing things with your hands and your creative mind wants to express itself. Organization in your everyday life doesn't leave much room for you to make this happen. This desire triggers quarrels in your couple. With some understanding, the situation should fall back in place. In terms of desire, there is no sex drive.


    You have feelings for someone who isn't available. The atmosphere favors reflection in terms of your emotional life. Your friend circle could makes you get rid of current doubts and puts a smile back on your face. Go with the flow of chance and maintain your sense of humor. Your natural charm is going to be one of your major assets.

    Sexy tip

    There are as many different positions as days of the year, so try a new one! You on top of him? Yeah, why don't you give that one a go?


    Don't bank on your collaborators in your job. There is no cohesion and sincerity in your professional ties. One might use you to obtain information. Professional rivalry comes along, stay away from rumors.

    Your finances

    You're advised to remain careful, especially if you're helping a friend. Wastage on the horizon. Your finances disappear into thin air quickly. Your salary doesn't seem enough to you for the expenses and pampering your family.

    Your lucky number




    By dint of wanting to do the right thing, your intentions aren't understood and you might get stuck in the middle of issues. Try to say the least possible.


    If a relative makes you talk about your family member, be careful. Your remarks might be repeated to someone else.

    Your saying

    « Wealth gives legs to cripples, beauty to monsters and interest to tears » Armenian saying


    Irritability and slight intellectual fatigue give you the desire to give your mind a break.

    Your color

    Dark purple make-up, from lilac to plum, is appropriate all-year round.

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