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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 20th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If your partner wants a commitment, there is a chance that you won't answer. Wedding or engagement isn't your thing and this might make you run away. However, it could lead to questions about your mutual future or maternity discussions. Snuggles and sensuality aren't enough and could penalize your couple.


    It's useful leaving you with some time and freedom. If someone is interested in you, you might be elusive or won't satisfy this person. Peace and little trips make you happy currently. You might have met someone during a recent encounter and this is still in your mind.

    Sexy tip

    The sky will give your libido an incredible boost, which you will have to live up to! Aiming high will help you reach cloud nine quicker...


    Your generous personalities creates obstacles. By wanting to help colleagues, you might not have enough time for your own work. There is a risk that you're less productive. You secretly desire to have a more enthralling activity.

    Your finances

    Generosity lays traps. You pamper your loved ones through unnecessary expenses. You're advised to set a budget, so that you don't exceed it and end the month with an overdraft. You're advised to manage your budget better.

    Your lucky number




    The atmosphere favors outings, careful with your lifestyle as you're busy with invitations and evening out with friends around lots of drinks.


    You don't know how to say no when someone asks you for a favor and this could go against you. The day favors meeting a loved one.

    Your saying

    « Dreaming about love is free, unlike most things nowadays » Maxalexis


    Careful with good things, like fatty foods. Your body will quickly need a detox.

    Your color

    Strawberry red, a slightly pinkish color, will give you an Indian look, Bollywood style!

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