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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Consider diving back into those discussions with your partner today. The climate lends itself to positive interaction. Communicating with a sense of humor could help your relationship. The misunderstandings are giving way to a better sense of communication. You'll be more tender with each other, but your sex life still might be on the back burner.


    Getting some peace and quiet and giving yourself some room to breathe and dream could do you a world of good. You're happy spending time with your friends, and you don't feel much like getting caught up in a relationship and having to answer to someone. Be upfront about this if someone tries to seduce you. You're right to want to take your time.

    Sexy tip

    Take your time with foreplay, don't be so animalistic and impatient! Learn how to receive instead of always giving and trying to dominate your partner...


    If you're working in a team, consider letting other people get their share of the work done. Someone might try to unload their responsibilities on you. Don't be too considerate toward others. Focus on your work, because hypocrisy is in the air.

    Your finances

    Don't let yourself be influenced by your family members' demands. Your kindness might lead you to spend more money than usual. Be prudent. Jupiter in Sagittarius is making you spend too much on expensive items.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends enjoy your sense of humor, and they always want you around. Today lends itself to joking.


    Your relationships with your siblings are so-so. Someone might ask you to lend them a hand. Just remember to set some limits.

    Your saying

    « Love and friendship are mainly about laughing at each other, loving is being able to laugh together » Arletty


    As long as you get enough sleep, you'll have enough energy. Your anxiety might start to wear on you at some point.

    Your color

    A classic that is never out of fashion, a light beige outfit is the guarantee to look classy!

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