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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Everything will be wonderful together. But as soon as a third person comes along in your couple, the balance will be disturbed. You'll be asked to take sides and there is a risk that an opinion might offend someone. You'll intensify romanticism by putting intruders, indiscreet people and dull people at a distance from your couple life.


    Uranus's attacks will throw you off balance. Moon in Libra shall qualify your discernment. You'll change your opinion after an initial negative decision. Someone you didn't favor will suddenly become attractive, even irresistible. You refused to get involved in this relationship but now you'll be seduced. You'll be enticed.

    Sexy tip

    Spread chocolate all over your body to whet your partner's appetite! Don't feel bad about expressing your wildest fantasies!


    You'll do everything possible to achieve the goals you set but you'll have the habit of quickly using all your strength in battle! Just this once, try to tune your energies: it won't be a sprint but an endurance test.

    Your finances

    Mercury in Cancer will pacify you. Your finances will be less uneven. You won't have any major money inflow but no unexpected expenses either. If you're negotiating, you'll be able to convince in a subtle manner.

    Your lucky number




    Your acquaintances, your friends will help you get to the bottom of your ideas. Your beliefs, your certainties shall disappear, in favor for a more open mind.


    You won't waste your time, trying to look for options to resolve complicated situations. You'll ask each one to solve their own family issues.

    Your saying

    « If you are rich, give some of your wealth, if you are poor, give some of your heart » Berber saying


    Sun will give you energy again, as soon as you begin to waver. Your morale will be back on track and your body shall be dynamic.

    Your color

    Azure blue shoes will make you feel like going on a little adventure, much to your delight.

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