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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- March 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It looks like you've got some apologizing to do to your partner. If there is any hope of your love life getting back on the straight and narrow then you'll just have to accept that you can't have the final say on this occasion. You've not been on the same wavelength recently but you're only adding insult to injury by being as stubborn as a mule!


    It doesn't take a genius to tell that there is nothing more than friendship between you and certain someone. You enjoy each other's company but that's about all there is to it. You'll decide to be honest with them and suggest you stick to being friends for the time being. There are plenty more fish in the sea and you wouldn't want to miss out on a better offer!

    Sexy tip

    You make your partner feel comfortable by putting him in control... Clever! You know how to be sweet one second and wild the next!


    Your creative skills will be your saving grace at work today and you'll finally succeed in standing out from the crowd. There's no denying that your career has had its ups and downs recently but everything is about to fall back into place.

    Your finances

    There's no use burying your head in the sand when it comes to your financial situation. If you continue to leave your banker's calls and messages unanswered then the situation will only get worse. It's time to face facts and accept your fair share of the blame.

    Your lucky number




    A so-called friend has stabbed you in the back and you're coming to realize that it's better to be alone that in bad company. You're ready to call it a day on this friendship.


    If your family members are happy then so are you, it really is as simple as that. You're all thinking positively and looking to the future with renewed optimism.

    Your saying

    "If you want to be loved, love." Seneca


    You've been overdoing it recently and your liver hasn't thanked you for it. Try to cut back on alcohol and rich, fatty foods.

    Your color

    Creamy and slightly orangey, corn yellow is a great color to enhance beige and soften yellow outfits.

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