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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- March 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner was hoping for a lie in with you today but you'll be up and out at the crack of dawn, as usual. Their requests for more intimacy have fallen on deaf ears and it's fair to say that your sex life has seen better days. Your need for independence is stronger than ever but your relationship is beginning to suffer as a result. Maybe you're not as compatible as you once thought.


    If you've hit it off with someone new then you are advised not to get your hopes up too soon. The stars suggest that this person will soon do a U-turn without even giving you an explanation for their change of heart. You've found yourself back at square one and will vow to be more cautious from now on. You wear your heart on your sleeve too easily!

    Sexy tip

    You've always had a bit of a sweet tooth? There's nothing wrong with it... Sprinkle sugar all over his body and eat him as an afternoon snack!


    You're kicking yourself for some irrational decisions you've made at work recently. There's no point crying over spilt milk though so you'll just have to make the most of a bad situation. Rest assured that it's not as disastrous as it seems!

    Your finances

    A dissonant Jupiter spells bad news for your bank account so there is no room for error today. You are advised to steer clear of online shopping and make sure you compare prices before going in for the kill. You'll be sure to read the small print before committing yourself.

    Your lucky number




    Some quality time with your closest pals is just what you're in the mood for today. Your nearest and dearest never fail to lift your spirits when you're feeling down.


    A disagreement between your relatives has spiraled out of control and you'll have a blazing row to contend with today. Rest assured that the problem will resolve itself naturally.

    Your saying

    "He who cannot dance thinks the floor is uneven." Hindu proverb


    You'll decide to bite the bullet and go for a quick jog this morning. You firmly believe that every little helps!

    Your color

    A mesmerizing and sensual color, red is THE trendy color of the year. Wear it like there's no tomorrow.

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