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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- February 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll have the impression of being the only one who is devoted, who makes plans, organizes things and this will being to weigh you down. Don't hesitate to express how you feel to your partner, as the latter doesn't seem to sense this tension. You yearn for renewal while your partner is satisfied with the relationship.


    You'll use this day to review your romantic desires and this assessment will help you learn from your past. Pluto will encourage you to patch things up with an ex, but is this really a good idea? Make sure you really want this and not confuse reality and nostalgic memories.

    Sexy tip

    You love pillow talk after an eventful evening! Your secret to orgasm every time? No more taboos! Let your hair down!


    Sun and Mars make you determined to see through your project evolutions. Tired of waiting, you won't hesitate to take action and express your expectations to your superiors. However, don't expect quick results, patience is necessary.

    Your finances

    Concerned about the comfort of your loved ones, you'll indulge in buying things for home, to say the least curious. Before anything else, make sure you really need these items and be reasonable while spending money. This isn't the time to squander money.

    Your lucky number




    Your friendships will be harmonious and will give you the support you need, to begin an important personal project.


    You'll give all your attention to your children today, use the end of the day to share a privileged moment with them.

    Your saying

    "One falls down by oneself but always needs the hand of a friend to get back to one's feet." Jewish proverb


    You'll be overflowing with communicative energy and great morale. A great combination to spend a super busy day.

    Your color

    Amaranthine red, close to a silky burgundy shade, is a comforting and relaxing color.

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