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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- January 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You know how to make your partner laugh, and you'll come up with some ideas to make their day full of joy. You'll take a romantic trip somewhere that will help reignite your passion for each other.


    You're tempted by the idea of meeting someone new, but when it comes to the point where you'd have to commit, you tense up. You might hesitate and sow discord in your new relationship. You may not be ready to give up your freedom. You'd rather get by with less serious encounters here and there.

    Sexy tip

    Turn your body into a candy your partner wants to unwrap right now! Your taste buds have an important role to play during sex!


    You want to get some training in order to change course in your professional life. You need to work somewhere new, and Jupiter in Sagittarius will lend a hand at this difficult stage.

    Your finances

    You might have some unexpected expenses tied to outings that you'll foot the bill for. If you want to avoid throwing your bank account into chaos, be a little more firm.

    Your lucky number




    People love you even with your faults, but you have to admit that your nervousness might lead to some conflicts. Your sense of humor isn't understood.


    Conversations with your family members will lead to some useful advice, but you'll notice that people ask for a lot of information from you without being there to listen to you.

    Your saying

    "Time will be the master of he who does not have a master." Arabic proverb


    Although you might feel somewhat anxious, you're moving ahead with a fair amount of energy.

    Your color

    Incredibly sexy, crimson red will seriously spice up your wardrobe!

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