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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- October 13th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You must try to get the spark back in your relationship. You and your partner will continue to talk about money until you find a way to improve your financial situation. Try not to think too much about your problems today. It's important to keep your emotions under control. Losing your temper is tiring and seriously damages your union.


    If you have someone in mind, please wait to make your move. It looks like your latest crush isn't exactly available at the minute... Stop convincing yourself that they're waiting for you to ask them out! A one-night stand could be in the cards, but don't expect anything more with that person. He or she will already be out of your life in the morning!

    Sexy tip

    Don't be selfish, introduce him to your new duck vibrator! Don't hesitate to bring a few sex toys with you under your sheets!


    The planets give you the opportunity to learn a new trade and start making a living out of something you genuinely love. One of your colleagues could point you in the direction of your dream job! Listen to their wise words of advice today.

    Your finances

    The way you manage your finances is far from ideal at the minute. Avoid lending money, regardless of how nicely people ask. Quite a few of them are never going to pay you back! Be patient, improvement won't be instantly noticeable in this domain.

    Your lucky number




    Old arguments could come back to the surface today. It's time to set the record straight with some of your friends! You could fall out with someone who used to mean the world to you...


    It's time for you to start talking to your family again... You're falling out with your loved ones for no particular reason these days!

    Your saying

    "Not every pierced ear is filled with a golden ring." African proverb


    Start looking after yourself please, my Gemini friend. Adopt a healthier diet! Better late than never...

    Your color

    Give yourself a sexy look by using cherry red lipstick.

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