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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- October 9th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your other half could be jealous of how close you're getting to people who were originally their friends! Misunderstandings are likely to affect your relationship. You two find it hard to communicate, and you could begin to question the future of your union. You're not sure of each other's faithfulness... Do something about it before it's too late!


    Don't expect to bump into the love of your life today. You could, however, meet someone who you will enjoy a short-lived affair with. You like that person, but he or she isn't ready for a long-term relationship yet. Enjoy yourself without worrying about what the future may hold. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with someone who you genuinely like and respect!

    Sexy tip

    Don't leave any of your fantasies unfulfilled: do it on your car bonnet! You will be the one in charge today, much to your lover's delight.


    You must learn how to compromise in this domain. You don't like your current job, but you can't spend all day screaming at your colleagues! Even when they fail to keep their promises... Being let down isn't nice, but shouting at people won't achieve anything!

    Your finances

    You're sick of being told how to manage your finances! Be careful, just because you only buy discounted items doesn't mean that you'll be able to afford the final bill... Try not to buy anything you don't need today.

    Your lucky number




    One of your friendships is coming to an abrupt end. You're sad about losing someone who used to mean the world to you, but such is life!


    You feel like your family doesn't try hard enough to understand you. You don't like spending time with people who don't really know what you're all about.

    Your saying

    "He who rows with the flow makes the crocodiles laugh." African proverb


    Constantly worrying about your problems is taking its toll on your body. Go watch a show in the evening to cheer yourself up.

    Your color

    Use pastel blue make-up to highlight your beautiful eyes!

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