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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- October 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Good things come to those who wait. Being too nervous and impatient could eventually get on your partner's nerves. If you spontaneously make plans to go out tonight, make sure you do something your other half would also enjoy! Unplanned nights out are the best, my Gemini friend. Make the most of a particularly enjoyable evening...


    You've been single for a while and you're beginning to wonder if you'll ever find love. You cannot stop asking yourself questions in this domain... Your confidence has well and truly hit rock bottom! Don't pay attention to people criticizing your love life. They claim that they want to help you find happiness, but they never miss an opportunity to make you feel bad about your situation!

    Sexy tip

    Slowly brush your partner's body in order to turn him on, being gentle will make a welcome change! Take your time, you won't regret it...


    Your patience will be put to the test today. You're beginning to hate your current job! It's worth noting that your colleagues aren't exactly happy with their careers either these days... Moaning about your bosses will keep you going till home time...

    Your finances

    You would like to start saving money, but you normally find it impossible to stick to your good resolutions in this domain. Ah well, you're used to being broke anyway! Spending time with friends could cause you to spend more cash than planned this Tuesday!

    Your lucky number




    Find friends who you can trust with your secrets. Some people close to you are clearly not worthy of your trust. Don't reveal anything important to anyone who may betray you.


    You're more than happy to help your loved ones out, but be careful not to let their problems take over your life. You spend too much time looking after other people these days...

    Your saying

    "Seek what you're missing in what you have." Koan zen


    Tired and irritable, you must find the time to relax today. A low-intensity workout could do the trick!

    Your color

    A chartreuse and slightly limey green will give you a fresh and cheerful look!

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