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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 25th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your enthusiasm toward your partner will be dampened by their reaction. They might come up with various reasons to decline your approach. Your libido is a bit suppressed, and you won't be able to rekindle the fire. It might be time to set things straight, at the risk of starting over multiple times. You're starting to worry about your private life.


    You'll have to wait to find your soul mate. Cupid isn't making any visits, and you're desperate to find the shoe that fits. Don't cut yourself down; it's possible that this extended moment of being single might change your way of loving. An old flame might reappear and arouse in you a strong emotion response -- as well as regrets.

    Sexy tip

    Close the curtains, turn your phone off, moisturize your skin... Ask him to rub your body from head to toe with a feather... And let it drive you crazy...


    There are days when you feel like you're out of the current. Your colleague's work habits don't gel with yours, and you're thinking about quitting. You're being given advice and ideas about how to change jobs.

    Your finances

    It's essential that you save some money. You're finding it incredibly difficult to do so, because your salary doesn't cover all your expenses. Your little trips or the electronics you might buy can cost you a lot. Try to put them off to a later date.

    Your lucky number




    Your true friends are not whom you believe them to be. Watch out for disappointment related to a friend in whom you confided a secret.


    Your interactions with a family member are positive and help you to move forward. Your affections are mutual and there's no lack of humor in your conversations.

    Your saying

    « If luck is on your side, cross the road. If destiny is on your side, move forward » Greek saying


    You need to get some exercise in order to give you energy an outlet. Your emotions are having a repercussion on your digestion.

    Your color

    Blood red lipstick will make you look so classy and sophisticated!

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