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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 8th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The dissonance of Venus in Virgo is making you go through some contradictions, and you're going to have to bite the bullet. Things might not go well for you when it comes to desire and libido. There might be a slight dip in your desire. Grin and bear it; it's only temporary. Focus on other activities you can do with your partner.


    Expect to have some moments of hesitation and indecision in your romantic life. Old love interests might pop up again and invade your thoughts. Let others make the moves, or ask a friend's opinion. They might help you shed some light on your romantic path. The dissonance of Neptune and Venus has left you in the fog.

    Sexy tip

    Roleplay will stimulate their curiosity... Ask your partner to meet up with you in an unusual place. It'll turn both on you on!


    Moving forward in your career is frustrating, because not all your investments are recognized. The astral dissonance has put you in the wrong role, so you need to get a grip on yourself and courageously look for another profession.

    Your finances

    Don't lend out money, because you won't get it back. The dissonance of Neptune is making you generous, and if you're too open-handed you risk being taken advantage of by crooks. You are strongly advised to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    Your lucky number




    Neptune in Pisces tends to make you vulnerable to illusions. You might be mistaken about one of your friend's intentions by judging reactively.


    Your loved ones appreciate you, but your attentions are dispersed. This might lead to misunderstandings or unnecessary disputes.

    Your saying

    « Being looked at is more enjoyable than being touched » Auguste Angellier


    You're in Olympic shape, and your will is strong. Taking a walk in nature would do you good.

    Your color

    A blush pink short dress will make you look sexy, refreshing and pretty natural too!

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