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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- May 9th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Uranus and Saturn are working round the clock to make sure your relationship stays on the straight and narrow. That said, there is a distinct lack of passion between you both and you are aware that routine and monotony have made their way into your life as a couple. You love your partner dearly but you miss the intimacy of the early days.


    The chances of you crossing paths with your soulmate today are slim to none. You've got enough on your plate as it is at the moment, what with your work commitments, friends and family, and you know you wouldn't have the time to dedicate to a new relationship. Love will come knocking when it is good and ready so there is no point in rushing the process.

    Sexy tip

    With such a sexy outfit, you won't fail to turn your lover on! Remember to break your sexual routine, give new positions a try!


    Uranus is helping you to think outside of the box and take risks for the greater good of your career. Your boss has noticed your ability to cope under pressure and is already eyeing you up for a promotion. Good on you!

    Your finances

    You can trust your instincts when it comes to money this Wednesday. You're looking for a way of making your savings grow and it looks like you've hit the jackpot. That said, make sure you do your research before signing on the bottom line.

    Your lucky number




    You'll be required to drop your plans at the last minute in order to help out a friend. It could be a case of practical help or just a shoulder to cry on.


    Your parents are always looking out for your wellbeing and will drop everything to come to your rescue today. You don't know what you'd do without them!

    Your saying

    « Wise words can sometimes fall in deaf ears, but a nice word is never lost » Arthur Helps


    You've been feeling down in the dumps recently but good old Saturn will help you to get your bounce back.

    Your color

    Fresh and acid, lime green is THE color in fashion this year.

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