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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- February 7th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Venus-Uranus square is throwing up doubts in your love life and making you wonder if you and your partner are really meant to be together. Conflict is not your cup of tea but fortunately Mercury is on hand to help you to address with your loved one without coming to blows. If you choose your words carefully then you'll just about come out unscathed.


    A serious relationship is the last thing you're looking for at the moment. The astral configuration is causing you to see the glass as half empty and you've pretty much resigned yourself to being single for the rest of your days. You'll spend the day moping around and feeling sorry for yourself this Sunday instead of making an effort with your love interests.

    Sexy tip

    You will dream of passionate, torrid and fiery sexual relationships. Don't let your fantasies take over. Be as ordinary as they come in the bedroom!


    The Moon-Mercury sextile is helping you to view your professional situation objectively and reassess your strategy clan for the coming months. Your projects are hanging in the balance and today's events will be make or break. Don't be tempted to cut corners.

    Your finances

    Nothing will go according to plan today where your finances are concerned. The Mars-Jupiter square is causing you to bury your head in the sand rather than face your money worries head on. You'll even manage to convince yourself that there's a hole in your pocket!

    Your lucky number




    Your behavior is leaving a lot to be desired today and your friends are growing tired of your grumpy ways. Spend some time apart today in order to limit the damages.


    A chaotic astral configuration spells bad news for your family affairs. You'll try to stay neutral and sit on the sidelines but you won't succeed in doing so for very long!

    Your saying

    "Your friend covers your mistakes, your enemy uses them against you." Arabic proverb


    Emotions are running high and your patience is wearing thin. You feel like you're going round in circles with your tasks and projects.

    Your color

    Brownish-gray will go well with bamboo green, two very environment-friendly colors!

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