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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- December 20th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've been waiting for this romantic day out with your other half for longer than you can even remember... But having friends or family members crashing your little date will not make you laugh at all this Sunday! Why can't anyone understand how desperate you and your partner are to spend a bit of time alone together, for a change?


    You've finally found someone you like, but they live hundreds of miles away... Typical! And they've stopped replying to your messages since you offered to drive all the way to their place. They've found somebody else, you're certain of it! Why do you care so much? You didn't even know that person yesterday...

    Sexy tip

    Use your pearl necklace to massage your other half's private parts... Passion makes an appearance in your life, and it's there to stay!


    Don't get anything too ambitious underway so late in the year. Don't spread yourself too thin and stick to one realistic objective at a time. Many small streams make big rivers, as the Danish say. You can be proud of what you've achieved so far!

    Your finances

    Under the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the house of your finances, your bank balance could receive a perfectly timed boost. Try not to spend all this extra cash at once. You're going to need it before the end of the year, trust us.

    Your lucky number




    Just because you believe in something doesn't necessarily make it the truth! Your friends are entitled to their opinion too. Healthy debates are encouraged!


    At home, find the right balance between telling everyone what to do and never making decisions. Don't be a dictator or a pushover!

    Your saying

    "We can never know the truth if we ignore the cause." Aristotle


    Mercury will encourage you to go out and get some fresh air. Spending time admiring how beautiful the world we live in is never fails to perk you up!

    Your color

    Golden and bright as the morning sun, aurora yellow makes your skin look healthy!

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