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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- October 13th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If you're going through an off period with your partner, Neptune's dissonance will only make things worse. You're not exactly inspired in the bedroom, either.


    You'll known the meaning of love-drunk today, but it could turn against you. This passion could turn into a suffocating relationship. This person's flirty attitude hides their jealous side.

    Sexy tip

    Take your partner's breath away with a fantastic strip-tease! Wear sexy lingerie and an original outfit to whet their sexual appetite...


    Neptune's dissonance might push you over the edge into anger. You'll be criticized at work from the very start of your day, and you'll just up and leave.

    Your finances

    A lack of money is causing you some trouble, but then again, having money can be a source of stress as well. It's a paradox, I know.

    Your lucky number




    You lack neither patience nor tact today, but that won't stop you from putting a disagreeable friend in their place.


    A family member will confide in you, and you might feel uncomfortable about it. Despite your promise to keep their secret, it seems as though everyone's in on it.

    Your saying

    "The death of a good deed is to talk about it." Arabic proverb


    You might start to stall in the afternoon with a headache or cramps.

    Your color

    It's time to be inventive with your nails! Why don't you try a pine-green varnish?

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