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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- September 22nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your love your partner, but you fail to see how bored they are with you. You find your routine reassuring, they find it oppressive. Why don't you try cooking together tonight, for a change? Also, look after your appearance. Show your other half how sexy you can be! They'll truly enjoy being treated to an unforgettable night in your company...


    You dream of falling in love, but beware of the planets playing with your emotions. The past could come back to haunt you today... You cannot stop thinking about an ex of yours! You seriously regret the way your relationship ended. You could even decide to apologize to that person! You'll feel so relieved to know they've forgiven you...

    Sexy tip

    Dirty talk, torrid roleplays and an unusual setting will drive you absolutely insane tonight! You will literally scream with pleasure! So good...


    Some of you are planning to resign! You can't cope with your working conditions anymore. If you work as part of a team, try not to open your mouth at all. Don't talk about your projects or ideas to anyone! Your boss could try to bully you into staying...

    Your finances

    Saving up is harder than you think! You're often far too generous for your own good whenever you go out with your friends or family. That has to stop right now, my Cancer friend! There's nothing wrong with splitting the bill...

    Your lucky number




    You're disappointed to hear one of your friends criticize your lifestyle. Why does it matter to them what you get up to, as long as it makes you happy?


    You get so emotional when you talk about your childhood with close family members! A specific memory could bring you close to tears today.

    Your saying

    "There's nothing good or bad but those two things: wisdom, and ignorance." Plato


    Treat yourself to a good night's sleep. Your body needs it! You're desperate for a bit of peace and quiet.

    Your color

    French blue stockings will put the spotlight on your legs... So trendy and classy!

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