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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 11th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If it was up to you, you'll remain in your little bubble with comforting habits. But your partner will send signs that he/she is bored and you won't be able to ignore these. Your intuition will hint that perhaps your sweetheart is tempted to look elsewhere, so you'll do your best for him/her to feel good with you.


    You won't know how to react or how to position yourself, when this person makes a move on you. You'll be seduced but confused too, as you won't understand this person's attraction given how different both of you are. If you dig deeper, there will be obvious love which will sideline your differences.

    Sexy tip

    Give various vitamins and plants a try in order to boost your libido! Ginseng, black radish or asparagus! Cook with aphrodisiac ingredients for an unforgettable evening!


    With Mercury in Leo, of course you'll think about the best way to be the leader in your professional life. You'll be able to prove your skills, while remaining discreet with your colleagues, so that you don't trigger jealousy.

    Your finances

    Still trying to improve your financial situation, you'll spend time looking at various rates and find the one which suits your budget the most. You won't be able to skip this purchase as it's essential in your daily life.

    Your lucky number




    This friendly squabble will make you feel sad but you won't change your position one bit. You'll feel you have the right to invite whoever you want.


    You'll use quite a lot of energy in everything which can favor each one's independence but some loved ones will need you to be present.

    Your saying

    "Seek what you're missing in what you have." Koan zen


    Your energy capacity will melt like snow in the sun. Put aside some time in your agenda to rest.

    Your color

    For a chic and sophisticated look, opt for a pearl-gray pantsuit.

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