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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 7th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is in desperate need of spicing up? You're the perfect person for the job! Imaginative and audacious, you will find all kinds of creative ways to brighten up your sentimental routine. You normally like following your partner's lead, but not today... Oh no! You will be the one in charge in this domain!


    Uranus will give your libido a boost today! In a provocative mood, you will not hesitate to send explicit messages to the people who have caught your eye this Wednesday. It's pretty clear what you want from them... You're not afraid to talk about sex, for a change! Being bold will truly pay off in this domain...

    Sexy tip

    Awkward situations turn you on, and you try your best to trigger as many of them as you possibly can! You could well hide a few things away from your partner.


    Calm, composed and organized, you're second to none when it comes to reading situations and resolving problems in the workplace. However, please stop trying too hard to impress your superiors. The best often is the enemy of the good!

    Your finances

    Unexpected repair works at home could put a considerable dent in your budget today. But don't worry, you're nowhere near running out of money! Your finances are healthy, and you shouldn't even have to tighten your belt as a consequence.

    Your lucky number




    One of your friends could stab you in the back today. You really didn't think they would be capable of such a thing! You're so disappointed...


    You and your little family could, out of the blue, discuss the idea of moving to a bigger house. It would make a lot of sense...

    Your saying

    « A bird's song doesn't echo forever. A man dies, but his legacy survives » Chinese saying


    Please enjoy yourself responsibly! You find it so hard to stick to a healthy and balanced diet, especially at this time of the year...

    Your color

    Opt for a cerulean blue and you will feel galvanized!

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