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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 13th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    There is a lot of romanticism this Monday in your relationship. Your partner will be much more attentive, more present too and shall also want you to feel fulfilled. As for you, don't let your anxieties put a damper on today. If you have doubts, talk about them honestly. You'll see that sharing your anxieties will make you feel lighter.


    Stop doubting yourself for this day. Imagining things in your mind won't make things move forward. You like someone? Just take a step towards the other person and you'll see what happens. If you're able to express more openly what you feel, you'll come across good surprises. Enough to make this Monday very favorable, in terms of emotions.

    Sexy tip

    Exquisite food, champagne and a romantic setting will send you and your partner straight to heaven!


    You're overflowing with ideas, this will help you solve a tricky issue at work. You find a unique and efficient way to make everyone agree and to close this topic, once and for all.

    Your finances

    You have the habit of seeing problems where they don't exist. Moon in the house of your finances makes you anxious, for no reason. Instead of letting this situation eat you away, look at your accounts and then move onto something else as everything is fine!

    Your lucky number




    For once, let others take control of things. Don't think and accept this last minute invitation.


    You won't agree with a family member but you'll soon find a positive way out of this squabble. Communication is the best of remedies!

    Your saying

    « The right path is always near, but a man always looks for it far away » Chinese saying


    You'll be ill-treated by unjustified nervousness today. Try to relax with a good book or walk in the nature.

    Your color

    Go for Persian blue outfits and accessories, you won't regret it!

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