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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 1st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Don't try to solve the things opposing you to your partner today. Communication isn't going through well and it could worsen the situation. Useless adding fuel to the fire. Let things settle down and wait for tomorrow. Moon in Aries makes you impulsive and your partner may not appreciate your excesses. Keep a low profile.


    This Wednesday encourages you to make up for lost time. You neglected your emotional life and you want to put on a spurt. Watch out Cancer, you'll have a hard time channeling your actions and remarks. Tactlessness is in the air and might ruin a recent encounter, which could be promising. Think ten times before you speak.

    Sexy tip

    Eager to enjoy yourself, you will be ready to do pretty much anything in order to get what you want. You will literally spend the night glued to each other. How exciting...


    Jupiter in retrograde, encourages you to review your positions. If you made professional commitments, this is the time to keep them. If you're thinking of positioning your career differently, make sure you take action towards the goal you had set.

    Your finances

    Don't let money issues create disagreements in your private realm. You'll have your vision on things and it won't be the one of your entourage. Respect their ideas, if you want yours to be considered.

    Your lucky number




    You take things way too personally. Don't be offended due to a tactless remark! In case of a doubt, go see your friend and ask for an explanation.


    You have the habit of feeling singled out, as soon as a loved one says something. Don't be so self-absorbed. Nobody is blaming you, believe me.

    Your saying

    « Never remember your gifts but never forget what you're given » Hebrew saying


    You won't be in a great mood today. However, there shouldn't be any issues today. Don't give into doubts and enjoy the fresh air.

    Your color

    If you're not a big fan of shiny lipsticks, opt for an amber red one, going wonderfully well with brown hair and purple clothes and make-up.

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