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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- April 27th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    According to your partner, you'll have chosen a bad day to live without them. According to you, it's the perfect day, since you work during the week and you set aside your Sundays for family and love. You'll blame them for spoiling your happiness out of totally unfounded suspicions about your faithfulness.


    Once they discover another side of your personality, this person will want to disappear. You won't try to stop them, and that's all for the better, because you'll meet someone else who appreciates you just the way you are.

    Sexy tip

    Set the scene: subdued light, relaxing music, inebriating scent... You're not necessarily looking for amazing sex right now. Stimulating all of your senses is your priority.


    Even though you might have to deal with setbacks or delays, you'll move ahead. A project is taking shape; some of you may even complete it. You'll be happy with the way the wind has turned.

    Your finances

    When you get the bad news, it'll feel like the sky is falling. The cost of this repair will be onerous, and there's no way you can forego it. You're going to have to find a solution, and fast.

    Your lucky number




    Uranus will be in your 11th sector today and you'll see a surge in your sociability. You'll talk easily with everyone, which will earn you popularity.


    You'll do your best to keep your relationships with your family members positive. Just don't let things get too disorganized.

    Your saying

    « A woman has two things: smooth hands and a big heart » Georges Courteline


    Your little moments of weakness will be due to the fact that you've probably exaggerated and overestimated your strength. But they'll pass quickly.

    Your color

    A heliotrope purple dress will give you a romantic look this year!

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