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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- April 22nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Whether your sweetheart agrees with you will be the least of your worries. What you want above all is love. You'll make that so clear that your partner won't have much to say in reply; they'll love the way you lead them to the bedroom.


    Since no one seems about to get in touch with you, you'll work up the courage to send a message to each of the people you've been interacting with. You'll get a nice surprise -- more responses that you would have expected. Still, you'll stay prudent to keep the mystery alive.

    Sexy tip

    Swap your old pajamas for sexy and exciting outfits, you will soon notice a difference! Try not to wear old pajamas or ugly hair curlers in front of him!


    Jupiter in retrograde might pick a fight with you. Watch out for timing problems, for projects that might break down midway, and for situations that will turn to your disadvantage. You'll stay strong thanks to your remarkably cool head.

    Your finances

    Even though you're doing everything you can to keep your budget balanced, things are beginning to crumble under the weight of your fixed costs. You won't hesitate to work overtime in order to keep your vacation time.

    Your lucky number




    The Sun will be in a great position in your 11th sector and will create conditions that are favorable to your interactions. You could meet someone influential.


    Life won't be a lazy river with you, but that's a good thing. Your positive energy will be irresistible in your family.

    Your saying

    « Someone devoted to the greater good and justice deserves to be called brave » Zuo Chan


    A powerful Sun in your sky will reinforce your energy, although you might be subject to a sore throat.

    Your color

    Sexy and innocent, bright pink is great for your lips if your skin is pale.

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