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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- December 25th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Even though you're torn between doubts and skepticism, in terms of your sweetheart's promises to be more present and affectionate in your couple life, you'll keep smiling. No questions about solving some clashes through endless discussions. But you could resume your romantic harmony through kisses and hugs.


    If you want to appeal, go on and forget about your complexes, even though you won't have many with Moon in Leo. It'll flatter you and put you in the limelight. So, it'll be surprising if you don't find anyone. More self-confident, you'll skip regrettable thoughts and focus on promising exchanges.

    Sexy tip

    A romantic night with your partner, are you in? Give the Lotus position a try... Amongst others! Explore new sexual horizons with your other half.


    You'll come up with positive initiatives to make your projects move forward. You'll take a step back in terms of your professional troubles and let go. This will help you disconnect yourself and recharge your batteries and start afresh.

    Your finances

    You'll benefit from good financial stability even if some malfunctions require you to be very careful. You'll easily find help, if you need an advance on money while waiting for a situation to resolve itself.

    Your lucky number




    You'll stay away as soon as you have the impression that some people around you are dragging you down through their remarks.


    You'll keep some bad family habits to yourself, so that you don't disturb the atmosphere. You'll treat it as your duty.

    Your saying

    "Passions are the only speakers who are always persuasive." La Rochefoucauld


    You'll never admit that you're ready to drop. You'll draw energy from your optimistic mind.

    Your color

    Red coral and orangey-red will brighten up bronzed skins and make you feel like you're still on vacation!

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