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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- November 9th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The current compromise isn't working with your partner. You'll have to put your pride aside. You might be given over to criticizing each other, but don't make the situation worse. If you want to get these mood swings under control, be as charming as you can. A game of seduction or a date in a nice restaurant might defuse the tensions.


    Someone's remark about your appearance will hurt your feelings. Criticism from those around you is the last thing you need while you're going through a transition with respect to love life. The past might put a damper on your excitement and derail a new relationship. Don't let yourself pass this by.

    Sexy tip

    Walk around the house in sexy underwear to turn your partner on. Lingerie never goes unnoticed! Be as glamorous as you can, it will stimulate your sex life.


    Disappointment is on the horizon, and you're not into the tasks you're being given. They're daunting and tedious, and you're not sure you can meet the deadlines. It's stressful - luckily one of your colleagues is in a similar situation and can empathize with you.

    Your finances

    Your savings are drying up. You've been drawing them down for some time now, and tightening your belt would be the right move, at least long enough until you have enough to go shopping again. Patience is best.

    Your lucky number




    You're hanging out with the same friends as usual. One of your friendships is fading, and you can't do anything but accept that.


    Your relationship with a grandparent is favored. Your interactions will be positive, and your inner child will feel reassured.

    Your saying

    "Patience is the art of hoping." Vauvenargues


    Getting some exercise outside should help you relax and shrug off the stress of the day.

    Your color

    Dark and grassy, Hooker's green is a very trendy shade of kaki.

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