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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- October 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Tensions are rising in your love life once again and you know it's time to put and end to these recurrent problems. You have found yourself faced with two choices: either feign ignorance in the hope that the problem resolves itself or ask your loved one for a good old heart-to-heart so you can both get whatever's bothering you off your chests. Listen to your instincts on this one.


    Romance is not on the cards for today so you would be better off focusing on other areas of your life for the time being. If a certain someone isn't giving you the time of day then don't take it personally. There are plenty more fish in the sea and it's just a question of finding the right one. Good things come to those who wait so try to be patient.

    Sexy tip

    Play with their hair, slowly massage their neck... Put your partner in the mood to spend a night to remember in your company!


    You've got everyone at work eating out of the palm of your hand. You could do your job with your eyes closed and your colleagues and superiors alike have every faith in your abilities. There will be plenty of pleasant surprises in store for you today as long as you stick to your guns.

    Your finances

    Your finances are hanging in the balance and today could be make or break. The astral configuration suggests that luck is on your side but you'll have to play your cards right as well. Hard work and perseverance are the key to success today.

    Your lucky number




    The Sun in Libra is bringing out your sociable side. Your social diary is choc a block and you wouldn't have it any other way.


    Your family life is taking up all of your time at the moment, especially if you have children. You always put their needs before your own.

    Your saying

    "There's no path to happiness. Happiness is the path you choose to take." Chinese proverb


    Your energy levels are at an all time low so it's time to take action. Stop snacking between meals for a start!

    Your color

    Close to silver and ice-blue, moon white is a wonderfully smooth color to add to your wardrobe.

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