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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- September 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Having a difficult conversation with your partner could help you find the solutions to your problems and move your union forward. You're sick of arguing and feeling like you can't speak your mind in your partner's company. It's time for you to relax and be yourself! Don't be afraid to break the ice and talk about your desires and fantasies this Saturday...


    Your sentimental life is uneventful to say the least. You're beginning to wonder if you're ever going to find love again... You will flirt with a couple of strangers today, but a long-term relationship feels like a distant dream at the moment. Be patient, it will soon be your turn to be happy, trust us! Good things come to those who wait...

    Sexy tip

    Don't hesitate to make love in front of a mirror... So exciting! Show off your body, don't do it in the dark...


    A positive working atmosphere is incredibly important to you. Unfortunately, you're really finding it hard to see eye to eye with a strong-minded colleague of yours... Don't let that person bully you into doing their work! Focus on your own tasks.

    Your finances

    Unexpected expenses could force you to redefine your priorities in this domain, but your finances still shouldn't be anything to worry about. You're in the mood to change your interior, but that could come at a considerable cost. Listen to the advice you're given today.

    Your lucky number




    You come across as someone demanding, critical and slightly offensive today. You're not exactly the smoothest communicator there is...


    You and your family will enjoy talking about past memories together... Your loved ones will also provide you with all the guidance you need in various domains of your life.

    Your saying

    "Each blade of grass has its part of dew." Chinese proverb


    Such a hectic lifestyle is exhausting! Find the time to look after yourself and recharge your batteries.

    Your color

    Copper-colored satin lingerie is THE thing to wear for a perfect autumnal look.

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