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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- September 20th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The planets have a negative impact on your relationship and you look for ways to improve things with your partner. Don't worry too much, my Cancer friend: your fears aren't justified and your union has got what it takes to last, unlike what you may think. Beware of negative comments coming from your family or in-laws. They could put you in a very bad mood...


    You might remain single for a little bit longer, my Cancer friend. Make the most of your current situation to spend as much time as you can with your friends! They will know how to cheer you up, reassure you and help you ask yourself the right questions in this domain. Build up your confidence if you want to meet someone, and please be patient!

    Sexy tip

    Don't complain if your partner turns his back on you in bed after an evening spent complaining! There's nothing better than make-up sex. Enjoy!


    Old arguments between colleagues could come back to the surface and ruin the mood in the workplace. Keep your head down and don't get involved in the drama unfolding around you. Your superiors will appreciate your serious and hardworking nature.

    Your finances

    Be very careful with how much money you spend. It's about time you started being more organized and less impulsive in this domain. Make sure you always have enough cash in the bank to cover the cost of raising your children and keeping your loved ones happy.

    Your lucky number




    Old friends you had lost contact with will reappear out of nowhere today... And it looks like they're trying to hide what they've been up to for all those years!


    Don't be afraid to spend some time alone and hide things from your family to protect them. Don't feel guilty for saying no to your loved ones.

    Your saying

    "It's by trying again and again that the monkey learns how to jump." African proverb


    Take care of yourself. You're exhausted from both a mental and physical point of view. Go for a long walk if you can.

    Your color

    Incredibly sensual, a crimson-pink dress will not leave anyone indifferent!

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