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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Because of the Moon-Jupiter opposition, you won't exactly be subtle. No gray areas in your relationship! It'll be either black or white... You won't spare your partner; they'd better hold on tight, because there's going to be turbulence today. You won't let anything go, and you'll make it known rather curtly.


    You don't catch flies with vinegar. Still, under the poor advice of the Moon–Jupiter dissonance, that's what you're going to try to do today. Single friends, you'll do just the opposite of what you should... Indeed, you'll be arrogant, extreme... insufferable! No one will want to be moving in with you.

    Sexy tip

    The sky will give your libido an incredible boost, which you will have to live up to! Aiming high will help you reach cloud nine quicker...


    Because of the Moon–Jupiter dissonance, your professional future won't be very promising. But when it comes to proving you're right, you won't hesitate to put people in their place or confront your superiors, even (and especially) if you're wrong! Talk about the final straw...

    Your finances

    Rather than calmly discussing your financial situation, you might get carried away and forbid your partner certain expenses. Dear Cancer, the Moon–Jupiter opposition will make you feverish. You'll be dearly lacking in delicacy...

    Your lucky number




    Today you'll come off as someone who isn't very easy-going with respect to your friends. Your words will cut like razorblades.


    Under the influence of the Moon–Jupiter conflict, you'll be certain that you're always right. Of course, your family has it all wrong!

    Your saying

    « The greatest souls can be the most sinful like the most talented ones » René Descartes


    If you don't take good care of your body, you might be met with some muscle pain.

    Your color

    Subtler than mallard blue, larch green will give you a fresh and classy look. Perfect for your eyes!

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