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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Preserve some of your independence. Thanks to the positive influence of Uranus in a good aspect with Venus in your sign, you will know how to defuse all those recent arguments experienced with your other half. You will manage to eloquently express your feelings and calm yourself down today. Your partner will fall in love with you once again!


    If you've decided to remain single, you will make sure everyone knows that you're available and ready to mingle! A more reserved approach wouldn't do you any harm at times... You're far too honest and straightforward for some people's liking! You're not going to find love anytime soon if you carry on behaving like this...

    Sexy tip

    Ask your partner to rub an ice cube along your arms, you will love that. Being gently and subtly touched will turn you on.


    You're better off waiting in the background for your chance to come. Design a clear plan of action for yourself and express your ideas when you feel 100% ready. Show your employer a new facet of your personality today!

    Your finances

    You could make a nice little profit or sniff a couple of great deals today. Great news for your quality of life! A powerful Uranus in your sky, helped by the quiet work of Pluto in the background, will help you take bold initiatives in this domain.

    Your lucky number




    You will thoroughly enjoy spending time with your friends today. You all have so much in common!


    Your family is extremely important to you. You only feel good when things go well at home... Beware of jealous outbursts today!

    Your saying

    « One can slice a rock open, but one cannot always warm a cold heart up » Indian saying


    Those of you who are used to working outdoors could struggle to spend most of the day in the office today.

    Your color

    Aquatic blue colored smoky eyes will suit you down to a T!

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