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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Even if Jupiter's square triggers some clashes, Mars's presence in Sagittarius will help you regain confidence in your couple life and find solutions to make your couple dynamic and give it a new lease of life.


    Mercury has a promising surprise in store for you with a heart stopper for some or meeting with an ex, who has been on your mind. For others, it'll be the beginning of a romantic friendship, while you weren't prepared. You'll be wound up and won't let your sweetheart alone which will make this person feel secure.

    Sexy tip

    You're drooling over your plans for tonight... Enjoy yourself! Don't skip foreplay, enjoy what your partner's body has to offer!


    One can't lie to you. Saturn's square in your 10th house could trigger some difficulties, even conflict in your activity. This won't prevent you from moving forward but you'll need to maneuver to position yourself professionally.

    Your finances

    With Uranus in Taurus in sector 2, you'll come across a pleasant surprise. This could be an arrangement or a financial agreement with your bank or administration. To yield profit, you need to provide some documents.

    Your lucky number




    You really like this friend but you won't understand this person's spiritual philosophy. You'll quickly talk about something else.


    With Mars in Sagittarius, you feel like the head of the family. You'll give orders but it'll a be a whole different story with the organization.

    Your saying

    "The future is a great place to store dreams." Anatole France


    Despite a slight downturn in energy, you won't get discouraged. Don't go overboard otherwise you'll be exhausted.

    Your color

    A pure snow white will give you an angelic look, ideal to hid your slightly cheeky personality.

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