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Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics statement was last updated on September 4th, 2013.

1. All customers shall be addressed in plain US English.

2. The psychic readers will perform their work with sincerity, honesty and objectivity.

3. The psychic readers are sworn to professional secrecy and confidentiality. Personal information will never be disclosed, directly or indirectly.

4. The psychic readers have an obligation of means (use of their tools, their knowledge, their experience, their gift). They cannot guarantee the accuracy of their prediction.

5. The psychic readers will not use personal information for purposes other than in the exercise of their profession.

6. The psychic readers will not intend to make personal contact in any way with customers during and outside their working time.

7. The psychic readers will respect the free will of their customers and are not to exercise any influence on them.

8. The psychic readers will not perform any occult work (exorcism, witchcraft, magic) and will not refer to the medical field.

9. The psychic readers will not create situations designed to take advantage of the weaknesses or naivety of their customers or to abuse their trust.

10. The psychic readers will not address and consult anyone that has not the legal age (i.e., age of majority in accordance to the law of the local jurisdiction).

11. The psychic readers will promote the image of the company through text messages and telephone calls by thoroughly checking the quality of their answers at all times.

12. The psychic readers will remind customers when their consultation is coming to an end.

13. The psychic readers will not gain financial advantage from customers in a precarious position.

14. The psychic readers will not denigrate or tarnish the name of any of their colleagues in order to attract customers.

15. Any discrimination and/or harassment of any employee and/or customers because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other personal characteristic is prohibited.

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