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What are the various meanings of the Number 7?

In History:

It seems that the number 7 has always had a special place in History. Often considered as a sacred, magical number, the number 7 remains intriguing.

We come across number 7 everyday, it is part of our everyday life as there are 

-7 days in the week (which come from the planets)

-7 notes of music (diatonic scale)

-7 colors for the rainbow

-7 planets

-7 chakras 

-7 capital sins

-7 continents

-7 Wonders in the World
 This number has a beneficial and protective resonance. Its mystical aspect brought about many beliefs and even some superstitions.

Let’s have a look at its various meanings

In Numerology : 7 refers to wisdom and perfection

In Astrology : 7 corresponds to the initial number of planets: 

Before the addition of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

 In Architecture :

7= 4+3

In the past, most constructions (Pyramids in Egypt) were linked to the numbers 3 (heaven), 4 (earth) and their sum 7 which shows the equilibrium between the divine and the material world.

In expressions and Literature:

-To go to the « Seventh Heaven »

-In fairy tales such as in Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, (magical world of fantasy)

In Religions:

This mystical number is found in sacred books such as the Bible, the Torah or the Kabbalah. 

In Tarot:

7 is the card of the Chariot.

But there is much more to this:

There are 7 lucky gods in Japan and there is the Festival of 7 Herbs. It is celebrated on January 7th, every year.

The bride and the groom walk around the holy fire 7 times during a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Long strands of red string are wrapped 7 times around the thumb before they are cut, to make protective Kabbalistic bracelets.

There are 7 Cherokee clans.

There are 7 basic crystal systems in minerals.

The tangram is a puzzle consisting of 7 flat shapes

Seven sisters, the stars in Aboriginal culture and on the Australian flag.

In Conclusion, the number seven is a number of perfection and completeness. This number holds a very important and sacred place. The number seven is a great number, symbol of spiritual perfection.

But, on the negative side, it brings 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror (superstition)!

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