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A Full Moon in Aries promises to be intense!

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On October 9, 2022, the Full Moon will form at 10:55 pm, CET, in Aries. This will awaken ardor and moods, initiatives, and creative impulses in this fire sign. Its sextile to Saturn, it will ask you to remain centered and patient in order not to let yourself be invaded by this burning and sometimes angry energy.

An eventful phase

The defining theme of this Full Moon is action. This will be a good time to undertake something new, to develop a project left in the closet, to make peace with old quarrels to start again on a healthy basis. It will form a sextile to Mars in Gemini, bringing enthusiasm and cooperation to find common ground and bring your ambitions to fruition. Its semi-sextile to Uranus will stimulate ideas, relationships, and encounters, both professionally and personally. However, it is important not to lose focus and not to be discouraged by obstacles. In the background of this Lunation, the Saturn/Uranus square will be tighter, heralding some tensions on the world level that may create delays, blockages, but also moments of doubt and uncertainty about the future. Mars will form a square to Neptune, blurring the lines and emotions, amplifying the general confusion.

In search of balance

Saturn will have its say through its positive aspect to the Moon and its trigones to Mars and the Sun. The former will bring a liberating power, emotional maturity and the self-discipline necessary to face the hazards of life and make decisions with a clear mind. In relation to Mars, perseverance will be a source of success, and with the Sun, each person will have at heart to protect and support their loved ones, their parents, their children.

The Full Moon opposing Venus in Libra will cause a change in relationships. The playing field will be turned upside down, the cards redistributed. It will be a good time for job searches and negotiations, but there will be resistance, and energetic crosscurrents. But Venus forming a conjunction with the Sun, partnerships will be favored, agreements easier to find. Hearts will warm up, with a sincere desire to commit to the person you love.

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